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aichi  Owari area Inazawa Naked Festival "Hadaka Matsuri"

Inazawa Naked Festival

Thousands of semi-naked men wearing only loincloths push against each other trying to touch the shin-otoko, in order to drive out evil spirits. The water splashed to them evaporates instantly due to frictional heat. This is certainly an unusual festival. The origin of the festival goes back to Nara period. About 250,000 people attend this festival annually.

Sightseeing Spots

Address Kounomiya Shrine, 1-1-1 Kounomiya, Inazawa city 492-8137
(nearest railway station)
5 minutes on foot from Konomiya station on Meitetsu Nagoya honsen line.
Hours Jan 13th on the lunar calender
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Source Aichi Prefectural Tourist Association

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