Try different kinds of doburoku with Gujo specialties

A tour in which you can taste 4 kinds of doburoku (unrefined sake) from 2 brands made in Yamato, Gujo, a special doburoku production area, along with wild game specialty cuisine.

Participants can go inside the brewery, which is not usually open to the public, and learn about sake.

Participants can enjoy 4 kinds of doburoku from 2 brands made in Yamato, and have a top up of the one they like most.

Char-grilled river fish caught in the clear streams of Nagara River are served.

Tour itinerary

  • Gourmet ryokan (lunch / doburoku tasting)
  • Roadside Station Yamato (char-grilled river fish / shopping / strolling)

Period available

Autumn to spring


2,500 yen per person (both tours)


* Persons aged under 20 are not able to participate.
* There must be a driver who doesn't drink.
* Reservation required.