Enjoying the Samurai Stories of Central Japan's Dragon-rise Region

Recommendations for enjoying the Samurai Stories of the Dragon-Rise Region, organized by area and theme.

Theme 1

Delving into the motherland of Oda Nobunaga


One of the Three Unification Heroes of Japan, Oda Nobunaga. We present the site of the legendary Battle of Okehazama, where he defeated a daunting larger force, the Nagashino-Shitaragahara Battleground, where his arsenal of matchlock arquebuses decided the victory, and other historic battle sites in Aichi, his motherland.

Theme 2

Delving into the motherland of Toyotomi Hideyoshi


The skilled strategist and politician who started the unification of the country, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Experience the tale of this charismatic leader in the Shiga Prefecture of his birth, be at Nagahama Castle, or visiting the Shizugatake Battlefield Remains.

Theme 3

Delving into the motherland of Tokugawa Ieyasu


See Nagoya Castle and its huge Donjon tower, the largest in Japan. And The Tokugawa Art Museum, reliquary of the Tokugawa Clan treasures. Certainly, also Okazaki Castle, birthplace of the great general Tokugawa Ieyasu. Even the clan’s exclusive temple! There is also the Sekigahara Battlefields, place of the decisive victory that paved the way for the ultimate unification of the country under Ieyasu. And more: the series of castles that served as his dwelling places: Hamamatsu Castle, Kakegawa Castle, Sumpu Castle. Finally, Kunozan Toshogu Shrine, last resting place of the indomitable hero, believed to be where his burial remains were ultimately interred. Tread his history in Aichi, Gifu and Shizuoka.

Theme 4

Samurai & Ninja Experience


Ninja experience places to learn ninja tactics, and more: wear samurai armor and visit mansions where military men of old used to dwell, all for first-hand experience.

Theme 5

Delving into the Samurai Culture


A special feature focusing into the refined culture and lifestyle of the samurai.