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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

History for 140 years: Traditional fish food

It was founded as a Mirin manufacturer in 1862. The present owner is the sixth generation. It has been received the highest gold award in the Sake best contest "National new Sake convention" ten times. The four buildings in the factory are recognized as the registered tangible cultural property by Cultural Affairs Agency.
The old days Kanie had many waterways in the town. It is a food used "Ina (child of mullet) which is caught in the riverside town "Kanie river". The name of "Ina" changes with the growth from "Oboko", "Subeshiri", "Ina" to "Bora". The last is "Todo (sea lion)" in after all. As it is called a career advancement fish, the food is considered as a good fortune. Only a few chefs know how to cook the food now.
It is called ''manju (Steamed bread)'' as soybean miso, Packed in Ina of belly, imitate Bean paste. You can eat from October till June.

Brewed Sake "Shitenno"

It is a good combination with strong taste food and fresh flavor sake.

"Ina Manju"

"Ina Manju" is a grilled food which cram bean miso with Ginnan Shiitake after taken out spine and internal organ from between the gills of child Ina (child of mullet).

Available locations

NAME Inaman
ADDRESS Kawanisi53, Kaniehommachi, Kanie-cho Ama-gun, Aichi,Japan
TEL 0567-95-2715


NAME Kankyo Shuzo Co., Ltd.
ADDRESS 4-1, Shiro, Kanie-cho Ama-gun, Aichi, Japan
TEL 0567-95-3131