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Sake Drinking Ware

Does the drinking ware change the taste of sake?

The taste and flavor of sake change after the bottle is opened and sake is poured into a sake pitcher and cups as it is exposed to the air and oxidized. 

Different pitchers or cups have various areas whereby sake is exposed to the air, thus changing the taste of it.


Heated junmai sake may be enjoyed with a rather deep, guinomi (big gulp) sake cup. It allows the rice taste of junmai sake to spread fully in the mouth.

Heated sake other than junmai types may be tasted well with a shallow, small-sized cup. It reduces the sharp, stimulating taste of the distilled alcohol added to the sake. Chilled sake may be poured into a lipped bowl first and then into a cup. The contact with the air can awaken the flavor and taste which have been sleeping as it were.


There are various types of sake drinking ware just as there are a variety of wine glasses.

One way of enjoying sake is to try it with different types of drinking ware.


Straight shaped cup: for refreshing, light sake

Trumpet shaped cup: for enjoying the flavor

Wide-mouthed and narrow-bottomed cup: for thick and strong taste sake

Bud shaped cup: for sake with even thicker taste and stronger flavor