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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

Delicious mariage between traditional jumbo fried shrimp which has been served since 1950 when the restaurant is established and Chita Sake which continues for 160 years

Maruha Shokudo was open in Minamichita-cho Toyohama in 1950 and started from a fishmonger. It was a big challenge to manage both Shokudo and Ryokan but we finally created Chita specialty "Maruha fried shrimp". It is a jumbo fried shrimp with 20cm length and crunchy. It is a traditional and popular food since Shokudo was open.
Harada Brewery was founded in 1855. It is a brewery which keep protecting the traditional hand skill and walking along with the region since it has founded. Maruha Shokuco original brand Sake "Araisono-matsu" was named from "pine of rocky coves of Susa" in the famous old book Manyo-shu and it is a tourist place which close to the head office. Deep flavor and neat faucet are its features. You can enjoy the fresh seafood from Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay. It will produce a time of bliss to spend at a beautiful Ise Bay landscape with the marriage of "Food of Chita Peninsula" and "Sake of Chita Peninsula."

Brewed raw storage Sake "Araisono-matsu"

Dry. Original brand of Maruha Shokudo (Restaurant)

Jumbp fried shrimp

Traditional food since the Maruha was established.

Available locations

NAME Maruha Shokudo Tokonamerinkuten
ADDRESS 3-9-5, Rinkucho, Tokoname-shi, Aichi,Japan
TEL 0569-38-8108


NAME Harada Shuzo Limited Partnership Company
ADDRESS Sakashita29, Ikuji, Higashiura-cho Chita-gun, Aichi, Japan
TEL 0562-83-5171