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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

Enjoy "Danish Mabushi" in 3 ways.

This area was an agricultural advanced place in Japan about 100 years ago.
Anjo-city was called "Denmark in Japan". It was famous for farming eggs at the period and now, the volume of figs is number one in Japan.
"Danish Mabushi " has the best harmony with grilled eels, eggs and fig tea.
Yoshinoya was established in 1899. The sauce for grilled eels has kept using and adding up over 100 years till now.
“Warmed Kamisugi Jinsei Gekijyou” is good combination with grilled eels.
Hope you enjoy it.

Kamisugi Jinsei Gekijyou

“Kamisugi Jinsei Gekijyou” is dry taste and good combination with Japanese food.

"Danish Mabushi"

"Mabushi" is the most famous eel meal in Aichi prefecture.
"Danish Mabushi" was cleated with local eel, eggs and figs in Anjo city.

Available locations

NAME Yoshinoya
ADDRESS 7-15, Miyukihommachi, Anjo-shi, Aichi,Japan
TEL 0566-74-1717


NAME Kamisugi Shuzo Co., Ltd.
ADDRESS 20-5, Meijihommachi, Anjo-shi, Aichi, Japan
TEL 0566-75-2121