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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

Corroboration with fined sake and inscription goods which from fined stream of river of ‘’oku-Mikawa’’

‘’Sekiya brewery’’ is located Oku-Mikawa, Aichi prefecture. They make Sake by publishing the word’’ wajo-ryoushu’’ which means ‘’ good team work make good sake’’ and also means ‘’good sake make good relationships’’. Sake named ‘’Wa’’ made from the word ‘’wajo-ryoushu’. Any ingredients made under the same condition and environments will goes well for sure.
Enjoy the great combination with sake‘’ Wa’’ and ‘’Kinu-hime salmon’’ from Oku-Mikawa.

junmai ginjou WA

Nice hormones of sweetness and freshness.
The name comes from the words ‘’when people good cooperate, the great taste sake is made’’.

‘’kinuhime salmon’’ Scorching by miso and ‘’Ginjou’’ lees

’Kinu hime salmon’’, there are 2 types of ‘’kinu hime salmon’’ .One is have mother for’’ Houraimasu’’ and father for ‘’Amago’’, which we call ‘’Nijiama’’ type, and other is called ‘’Nijiiwa’’type which have mother for ‘’Houraimasu’’ and father for ‘Iwana’’, is fish of phantom.
Both of them are good taste but especially ‘’Nijiama’’type is really tasty.
Scorching less blubber ‘’kinu hime salmon’’ by miso and lees, which smells ‘’ginjo’’ , matches Japanese fresh acidity.

Available locations

NAME Marutani
ADDRESS 1-37-17, Nagono, Nishi-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi,Japan
TEL 052-414-7263


NAME Sekiya Brewery Co., Ltd.
ADDRESS Machiura22, Taguchi, Shitara-cho Kitashitara-gun, Aichi, Japan
TEL 0536-62-0505