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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

Shop style is not only casual; fork craft style but also have elegance.
We welcome you with heart warming ‘’omotenashi’’ that client can be relaxed.

We are emphasizing to Fukui local ingredients and sake.
We have more than 10 kinds of refined sake from south of Fukui to clients to have our food more delicious.
We produce your grateful time by serving your food and sake that emphasize Echizen-Ohno’s culture and tradition which also changes by season.

Hanagaki The local sake from Okuechizen.

Hanagaki The local sake from Okuechizen.
You can enjoy many kinds of sake such as ‘’Ginjou-shu’’,’’Junmai-shu’’ which goes well with local food of Fukui.

Enjoy sashimi caught in the morning, famous Fukui food,‘’Hekoshi (mackerel soaked in bran)’’and ‘’Orosisoba( buckwheat with grated radish)’’ , famous Ohno local food’’Satoimo’’ which use various kinds of local vegetables’’ , ‘’Steak of Wakasa beef’’ grilled by charcoal fire and’’ broiled pig innards’’.

Available locations

NAME Izakaya Hiroken
ADDRESS 4-8, Hiyoshicho, Ono-shi, Fukui,Japan
TEL 0779-66-0417


NAME Nambu Sake Brewery Ltd.
ADDRESS 6-10, Motomachi, Ono-shi, Fukui, Japan
TEL 0779-65-8900