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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

Enjoy the representative sake of Japan and the local specialty Hida Beef Croquette for 500 yen at the old town Hida.

What is the representative of Japan in Hida area … Old town (cultural asset), Japanese Sake (awarded prize), Hida Beef (awarded prize), Wooden Furniture (the master craftsmen of Hida).
One-cup sake "Hourai" (180ml) from Watanabe Sake Brewery won the largest International Wine Competition. You can enjoy it with 120g extra big Hida beef croquette which is tasty sweetness of potato and juicy local Hida beef. Only here you can taste this paring that the locals love. Please savor them while sitting on a wooden bench made by master craftsmen of Hida and looking at the tangible cultural asset brewery. (Rated Number 1 set, was recommended with confidence by brewer master Cody Brailsford.

Horai Josen (First Class) One-Cup Sake

Horai is the most loved one-cup sake in Hida area and is also adopted by Japanese Embassy and the Consulate.

Hida a croquette

Hida-Furukawa’s famous croquette shop "Hida Croquett Honpo" You will enjoy fresh fried croquette with a lot of Hida beef fill-in.

Available locations

NAME Hida Croquette Honpo
ADDRESS 10-1, Furukawacho Ichinomachi, Hida-shi, Gifu, Japan
TEL 0577-73-3125


NAME Watanabe Shuzoten Ltd.
ADDRESS 7-7, Furukawacho Ichinomachi, Hida-shi, Gifu, Japan
TEL 0577-73-3311