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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

The local food loved by Hida people

≪Hida beef steak with Hobamiso ≫
In Hida region, people always grilled their food in sunken fireplace since it was so cold that the food gets cold and froze. When they grill food, they often used magnolia leaves since they were easy to get. It has very tasty flavor and delicious when you roast it with miso and green onion so you can eat plenty amount of them. This miso paste is the best for grilled Hida beef on tabletop stove.


≪Hida's blessing Lunch≫
Hida's regional food that has been eaten since old-time when they have festival, hold a Buddhist service for the dead and some other special occasion when people get together. Negi-Miso tempura, Komo-tofu, Stewed Konnyaku, boiled potato with sweet miso, and sake.


≪Eika Shiramayumi≫
At festival,celebration, bereavement and season's greeting, local sake is always there in their lives. Hida people call the warmed-up sake "Shinshu-ji kan" because it is served at the temple caclled Shinsh-ji. They love it very much.

Eikan Shiramayumi

Good match with Hida food. Good for both cold and warm.

・Hida beef steak with Hobamiso (magnolia leaves grilled with miso and negi)
・Casual local cuisine lunch. "Hida's blessing Lunch"

You can enjoy lots of Hida's flavor in this course.

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