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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

TOHNO, the town of national treasure and triple hot.

Tajimi City is known as the hotest city in Japan, Minou Pottery and grilled eels with rich souce. And peopler are warmhearted.
Tajimi city is located in Tono area in Gifu prefecture. In Tajimi, eels have always eaten by potters for physical recovery from the heat of the kiln. There are 26 eel restaurants in the city.
"Tajimi Sawasen" was established in 1901(Meiji 34), serves aromatic and crispy grilled eels and we recommend you to try Hitsumabushi style. (eel fillets cooked over charcoal with soy flavoured sauce, cut in small pieces and serve on rice)
Iwamura jyozo, the sake brewer which continues for more than 200 years, has won a gold prize continuously for 3 years. Clear and refreshing flavor of the sake goes with the sweet sauce on Unagi.


Sakazuki (sake cup) is an essential thing when you drink sake. Mino ceramic it the traditional arts and crafts which have been loved in Tohno area. Sakazuki is made by a lot of potters and you can see about 1500 of them at Ichinokura Sakazzuki Museum.


And also please enjoy the beautiful stained glass at Tajimi Ctholic Church and "Ena-kyo" where you can see a strangely shaped rock and a cliff from the sightseeing boat.

Onna Jyoshu

Sharp, rich and full‐flavored

Restaurant Tajimi Sawasen

Restaurant Tajimi Sawasen was established in Meiji era (1901) and is famous for Unagi cuisine like "Hitsumabushi"

Available locations

NAME Tajimi Sawasen
ADDRESS 5-24, Hommachi, Tajimi-shi, Gifu,Japan
TEL 0572-22-3115


NAME Iwamura Brewery Co., Ltd
ADDRESS 342, Iwamuracho, Ena-shi, Gifu, Japan
TEL 0573-43-2029