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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

Enjoy the local sake and Hida Beef at the historical and cultural city of Hidatakayama,

Anyone who visits Hida Takayama would stroll around the old streets. It still keep the scenery of the Edo Period, and it will feel like as if you have traveled through time.
First try the local sake, Kusudama (founded in 1623) and the Hidabeef Toroni (slowly cooked Hidabeef in miso stew) at the Rokushuuban just around the corner of Yasukawa Street. The local sake has been beloved by the local people for a long time. Hida beef is the one of the food representative ''gourmet region'' Hida Takayama. It will give you blissful moment when you eat its shoulder roast and streaks cooked with local miso, just like a Japanese style beef stew. The Kusudama goes well with rich dishes and draws out the tastiness of the ingredients.
Enjoy Takayama gourmet tour with your five senses.

Kusudama - Hand-made Junmai (Special Junmai Sake)

A delicate but tasty sake, made from the local brand rice, Hidahomare, and underground water from the Northern Alps.

Hida Beed ''toroni''

Japanese style beef stew which thoroughly cooked shoulder roast, streaks and konjac with local miso. You will find out the taste of Hida beef just one bite.

Available locations

NAME Rokujuban
ADDRESS 60, Kami3-nomachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu,Japan
TEL 0577-33-2683


NAME Hirase Shuzoten Ltd.
ADDRESS 82, Kamiichinomachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu, Japan
TEL 0577-34-0010