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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

Enjoy the ultimate clam cuisine with the finest Sake "Kuwana"!

"Clam" has appeared as one of the special Zen with red sea bream and Ise shrimp in a celebration scene like wedding from ancient times. "Kuwana" is the most famous for the "clam". The successive generals ate it as a tribute in Edo era. A lot of literatures and illustrations are discribed the scene that travelers coming and going the road enjoy Sake with the famous "clam". "Brackish water" made by Kiso Mikawa and rich Ise Bay makes the "clam" large, tasty and high quality and famous nationwide.
The ultimate way to enjoy the Kuwana "clam" is "Hamaguri Nabe (clam pot)", which is known as "Shabu-shabu of clam". Please enjoy the course of "Hamaguri Nabe (clam pot)" at "Kappo Hinode" which originated the food.
While you are waiting for the clam open you can enjoy drinking the local Sake "Kuwana special Junmai". Taste of "clam" will spread along with the elasticity and once you drink "Kuwana" with the clam, the mild taste will spread in your mouth. "Clam" with plenty of succinic acid is good fit with "Kuwana special Junmai". After fully enjoying "Hamaguri Nabe" with "clam Tempura" and "grilled clam", you are also able to enjoy Tofu and Kuzukiri with the flavor soup, then finally, Zosui (porridge).
"Hamaguri Nabe" is introduced by a lot of media and gourmet magazines. Eating the "Hamaguri Nabe" at the original place "Kuwana"is quite excellent.

Special Junmai Sake: "Kuwana"

Special Junmai Sake: "Kuwana" is a local Sake of Kuwana city, made by local rice named "Yamada Nishiki" and "Kamino-ho". They cut 55% off the rice and brewed carefully at low temperature.
Special Junmai Sake has a flavor of berry and mild taste.

Hamaguri Nabe (Shabu-shabu of the clam)

A Nabe cuisine of the local clam from Kuwana with the special soup. It is ready to eat once the clam is open. The Nabe had been dedicated to the generals in the history and . You can fully enjoy it without any souce or spice.

Available locations

NAME Kappo Hinode
ADDRESS 19, Kawaguchicho, Kuwana-shi, Mie, Japan
TEL 0594-22-0657


NAME Goto Shuzojo Limited Partnership Company
ADDRESS 1019, Ako, Kuwana-shi, Mie, Japan
TEL 0594-31-3878