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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

ocean's bounty seafood from Ise Shima taken by Ama and Sake "AMAZIN" made in Mie

"Ama culture" has been handed down from two thousand years ago. Toba Ohsatsu town has the most active Amas (female divers who go out to sea without any breathing or diving equipment) and there are attractions such as Ama hut and Ishigami-san of Shinmei shrine. Mie's Sake "AMAZIN" is a Sake that obtains clean subsoil water of Suzuka's grace of mountain and dwells mind of master brewer. Grace of the river flows to Ise Bay and it gives bless to seafood of Ise Shima. You can taste world-class "Japanese Sake" themed on "Ama" and fresh "seafood" from Ise Shima at Ama hut. While surrounding stove and listening to story from Ama who took the seafood, you can fully enjoy them.


Japanese Sake matched with seafood

"Ama hut food"

Fresh seafood from Ise Shima hand-grilled by Ama (Ise Ebi, abalone, turban shell and blackberry lily shellfish)

Available locations

NAME Amagoya Hachimankamado
ADDRESS 1094, Osatsucho, Toba-shi, Mie,Japan
TEL 0599-33-6145


NAME Miyazaki Honten Co., Ltd.
ADDRESS 972, Kusucho Minamigomizuka, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie, Japan
TEL 059-397-3111