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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

Enjoy the collaboration of Sake charged with water of Suzuka mountain range and sausage made by pigs which raised at Suzuka foothills.

Fukii, Junmai Sake is made by rich subsoil charged water of Suzuka foothills, which is really important when make a sake. With rich rice, clear water and maturity of the work, as its name suggests, it is a Sake which boasts the "refreshing throat as spring water has just sprung". Also, you can enjoy the collaboration with sausage which was thoroughly stick to the original German recipe used green pork, raised at magnificent nature and mellow land of Suzuka foothills. Enjoy the luzurious and deep flavor which genuine only has, taste of harmony of Sake and sausage that are mild and enhance each other. We are traditional brewery which has been registered as cultural properties. After visit our brewery, you can enjoy sake and sausage as well as various kinds of noodle which is popular for foreigner.

Funi Junmai Sake

Mild and bring out the food. There is a refreshing and full-bodied.

Kadoya's Kaizayaku Tovurusuto

Fresh pork mixed with salted pork and pistachios. You can enjoy the mild and wile taste.

Available locations

NAME ishikari
ADDRESS 1107-5 Ho-putaun1F, Komono, Komono-cho Mie-gun, Mie,Japan
TEL 0593-93-2227


NAME Ishikawa Shuzo Co., Ltd.
ADDRESS 129, Sakuracho, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie, Japan
TEL 059-326-2105