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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

Taste seasonal Sake and European style cuisine using the ingredients of seasonal food at 100-year-old long-established sake brewery.

The castle town Shinshu Takato has 700 years of history which was also selected for the three major points of Japanese cherry blossoms by Nihon Keizai Shimbun. The region , between Central Alps and the Southern Alps, is the nation's leading sake-rice treasury.The sake which is sold only in Takato-district called "Yamamuro" is made from the sake-rice grew in very beautiful district called Yamamuro. Enjoy sake and the seasonal food with creative cuisine that arranged in European style in the 100-year-old long-established sake brewery with watching the bloom of the cherry blossoms in mid-April. Indeed this place is known as Shinshu buckwheat noodle birthplace so it is preeminently good compatibility of buckwheat flour galette and sake.

Kuromatsu Senjo, Dry Junmai-shu(Japanese sake which used regular polished rice only), Yamamuro

Original creative dishes which are arranged in European style using local food such as buckweat crape(galette) and so on.

Available locations

NAME Senjo(Reservations are required in more than 20 people.)
ADDRESS 1653, Takatomachi Nishitakato, Ina-shi, Nagano, Japan
TEL 0265-94-2250


NAME Senjo Co., Ltd.
ADDRESS 2432, Takatomachi Kamiyamada, Ina-shi, Nagano, Japan
TEL 0265-94-2250