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Local sake and food

Delicious combinations of sake and food

Enjoy traditional reginal Japanese cuisine near BIWA-lake

“Racine home-HARIE” is located in the areas where natural Spring water wells up from the HIRA-mountains by the “BIWA-lake”. SAKE-wine is made by local malted rice which is living over 150 years and dishes made from local organic vegetables.
This life cycle has been taking over from ancestors to sons and daughters.


We provide a special experience to feel Japanese culture through our food.

Collaoration of SAKE-wine and Japanese cuisine set MEMU ;
1. “Takashima set”, Fermented local food, Regional SABA-sushi, Sashimi, Tofu, Tempura, Vegetables dish etc.

2. “Biwa-lake-salmon set”, Various dished of Biwa salmon(sashimi, fried, soup),Vegetable dish etc.

3. “Chef’s special IRODIRI set”, Marinated Biwa-salmon, Wrapped-fried HESHIKO in bread, Watercress tempura etc.


You will enjoy them with the sound of the river.

* Please note that the contents of the menu will vary depending on the seasonality of ingredients.


Japanese Sake: Maiko, Matsuno-hana


Takashima Teishoku (set menu), Biwa Masu Teishoku, Harie Irodori Gozen

Available locations

NAME Racinehome Harie
ADDRESS 235, Shinasahicho Harie, Takashima-shi, Shiga,Japan
TEL 0740-20-6570


NAME Kawashima Shuzo Co., Ltd.
ADDRESS 83, Shinasahicho Asahi, Takashima-shi, Shiga, Japan
TEL 0740-25-2202