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Sixteen float festivals Chubu are UNESCO World Heritage!

Dashi Floats, Karakuri
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World Heritage Meets Traditional Japanese Scenery,
Nanto City One Day Tour

Johana Hikiyama Kaikan Festival Float Museum

The Johana Hikiyama Festival is held annually on May 4th and 5th. In December of 2016, it was one of 33 nationwide festival Yama, Hoko and Yatai festival floats registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage item. In this hall, the work of the carpenters protected by the Kaga Domain, you’ll see the intricately made, brightly colored festival umbrellas, Iori-yatai built in the image of Kyoto’s Ichiriki Teahouse, and the artistic Johana lacquerworks are on display. In the lobby, festival videos are shown, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere of the Hikiyama Festival year round.

Walking around Johana Town
Zentoku-ji Temple, Kurakairo area etc.

Enjoy the scenes of the over 500-year-old Zentoku-ji Temple, or the Kurakairo old warehouse district in the areas known as Little Kyoto.

Johana Oriyakata

During the Edo period, under the protection of the Kaga clan, Johana’s Gokayama produced raw silk from cocoons, and fine silk fabrics. Experience silk textiles for yourself at Johana Oriyakata.

5 minutes
by taxi or rental car

Maki no Oto

Enjoy the spreading views of Satoyama from the restaurant windows, and French based cuisine, made from “Local production for local consumption” ingredients, such as self-cultivated rice and vegetables, and seafood from the Sea of Japan. Chopstick-friendly food is the Satoyama style.

15 minutes
by taxi, rental car, or Inami Chokoku Bus (from Johana Station)

Walking Around Inami Kimono Experience at TSUKIYA
Visit the Wood Carving Workshops and the Zuisen-ji Temple

As the home of the Hokuriku Pure Land sect of Buddhism, the Zuisen-ji and the temple town of Inami boasts over 600 years of history. You’ll find a certain calmness along the sloping cobblestone paths in the center of the old town. You may even hear the muffled hammering of wood sculpture craftsmen at their traditional work from under the eves along the street. Feel part of the wood sculpture town by wearing a kimono as you wander the ancient streets and grounds of the Zuisen-ji Temple.

Experience Traditional Inami Sake Cup Wood Carving

Guided by traditional craftsmen, and using authentic tools, make your own Guinomi drinking cup in the historical Kurokami-an wood carving area, enjoyed by the Edo period wandering poet, Matsuo Basho.

Try Wakakoma Shuzo Brewed Sake from a Guinomi drinking cup

After your wood carving experience, enjoy local Sake tasting at Inami’s Wakakoma Shuzo brewery.

30 minutes
by taxi, rental car, or Inami Chokoku Bus and World Heritage Bus (from Johana Station)

Stay in Ainokura’s Shoshichi, World Heritage, traditional Gassho-style houses.

Guests can stay in Ainokura village’s Shoshichi, the World Heritage traditional Gassho-styled (A-frame) inn. Enjoy regional cuisine of fresh vegetables and locally caught river fish around a traditional hearth in the 200-year-old structure.


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