Welcome to the World of Dashi and Karakuri.

Sixteen float festivals Chubu are UNESCO World Heritage!

Dashi Floats, Karakuri
Experience Program

Inuyama Dashi and Karakuri Culture in Castle Town One Day Tour

Inuyama Station Start

5 minutes

Inuyama Biyori
Kimono Dressing

Inuyama Biyori is a kimono (yukata) rental specialty shop located between Inuyama Station and the castle town, offering rental kimono and yukata for men and women to better experience their visit to National Treasure Inuyama Castle, and wander the streets of the historical castle town. Look for signs for Instagram support throughout the old town.

10 minutes

Visit the Yama Festival Float Display

See the display of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage registered Yama festival floats, used in the actual festivals, held on first Saturday and Sunday of April every year. The four floats are eight meter high, and weigh three tons, and the accompanying light and sound show provides a realistic atmosphere. The Donden display facility gets its name from the way the floats are rotated during the actual festival.

Karakuri Mechanical
Doll Exhibition Hall Karakuri Viewing

One of the exciting features of the Inuyama Festival is the use of the fascinating Karakuri mechanical dolls atop all 13 of the festival floats. The Karakuri Mechanical Doll Exhibition Hall displays various Karakuri dolls, including festival float Karakuri and those designed to be enjoyed indoors.

Explore Inuyama Castle Town and Lunch

Many parts of Inuyama’s castle town remain unchanged from the feudal Edo period, with late feudal to early modern Showa period buildings lined up side by side. Street-side stalls offer traditional local cuisine, including gohei-mochi and rice crackers. Enjoy a meal in one of the many historic remodeled machiya town-house cafes and restaurants.

Japanese Garden Tour and Matcha Green Tea Experience

Just east of National Treasure Inuyama Castle is another National Treasure, the tea ceremony room, Jo-an, located in a quiet, traditional Japanese garden, alongside the Important Cultural Asset listed former Shoden-in study hall. The Jo-an tea room was built in Kyoto by Oda Urakusai, younger brother of the famed warlord Oda Nobunaga, before being moved to Inuyama. Enjoy tea ceremony green tea and sweets while appreciating the beauty of the elegant garden.

10 minute

Inuyama Castle
Inuyama Castle Visit

Constructed in 1537 by Oda Nobuyasu, uncle of the great Oda Nobunaga, Inuyama Castle is Japan’s oldest remaining castle tower, and is designated a National Treasure. Feel the warmth and history in the old timbers, and enjoy the 360 degree panoramic view from the top of the castle over the Kiso River and surrounding plains.

15 minute

Inuyama Biyori
Return Kimono

Finishing at Inuyama Station


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