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Enjoy Natural Scenery:Mountainous scenery / Valley / Kurobe gorge railway
Relax in Onsens:Unazuki Onsen
Get Some Exercise:Hiking


Spring / Summer / Autumn

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One of Japan’s most scenic regions, surrounded by irresistible natural beauty.

The Kurobe Gorge is a deep, V-shaped ravine bounded by sheer cliffs that dominate the view and take the visitor’s breath away. One of the Three Great Gorges of Japan, and one of the country’s top 100 scenic destinations, the Kurobe Gorge is a spot where the natural energy is so overwhelming that you can feel it through your skin.
Cut through solid rock by the Kurobe River, which drops precipitously from an elevation of 3000 meters, the gorge stretches out before the traveler. Along with the gorge’s staggering grandeur, sculpted by the river over uncountable eons, the visitor is moved by the exquisite natural beauty on display in the ever-changing mountainsides through the seasons, the shapes of the trees, and the shadows cast by shafts of sunlight.
To fully appreciate the beauty of the Kurobe Gorge, we recommend that you ride the “Torokko Train” on the Kurobe Gorge Railway. “Torokko” is the name for the freight cars that were used in the old days to transport soil and rock from construction sites such as tunnels and the like. These days the train carries tourists as it threads its way up through the V-shaped gorge, giving passengers a close-up view of the ever-changing scenery, from the fresh green of spring and the mountains towering over the river in summer to the glorious colors of the autumn leaves. The journey covers a total distance of 20.1 kilometers in approximately 80 minutes, enchanting visitors all along the way.

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Looking, walking, soaking...enjoying Kurobe with all five senses.

As long as we’re visiting the Kurobe Gorge, let’s go on a nature quest aboard the Torokko Train. Let’s start our journey at Unazuki Station, near the Unazuki Onsen Hot Spring. Once we arrive at Keyakidaira Station at the end of the line, we’ll go for a little hike to get up close with the beauty of nature. At the Kawahara Observation Deck in the summer, we can relax by soaking our tired feet in a foot bath while we gaze at the subtle gradations of deep green in the gorge. The vermilion-painted Okukane Bridge spans the gorge at a height of 34 meters above the Kurobe River, and in the autumn, we can gaze down upon the brilliantly colored leaves, amid which the river is nestled at the bottom of the deep V-shaped gorge. We can also take in the excellent view of the Okukane Bridge from the roof of Keyakidaira Station.
Unazuki Onsen, at the entrance to the Kurobe Gorge, is one of the best-known hot springs in Toyama Prefecture. The water in this simple hot spring is extremely clear, with a slightly alkaline quality that is easy on one’s skin. It is therefore famous as the hot spring of choice for a beautiful complexion. The open-air bath is particularly recommended for its view of the Kurobe Gorge. Gazing upon the seasonal beauty of the Kurobe mountains spread out before you is a deeply soothing experience for the weary traveler.

Kurobe Gorge


Area around entrance to Kurobe Gorge, Kurobe, Toyama Prefecture


First train from Kurobe Gorge Railway Unazuki Sta., 7:57 am; last train 2:56 pm.


Open daily


Kurobe Gorge Railway Unazuki to Keyakidaira one way: adult 1,980 yen; child (age 6 through 11), 990 yen; etc. Group discounts available (more than 15 persons)


Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Tourist Board 0765-57-2850
Kurobe Gorge Railway 0765-62-1011


On foot from Toyama Chiho Railway Main Line Unazuki Onsen Station, about 5 min
By car from Hokuriku Expressway Kurobe IC, about 20 min

Web site

Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Tourist Board https://www.kurobe-unazuki.jp/ Kurobe Gorge Railway http://www.kurotetu.co.jp/
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