Chausuyama Highlands


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Enjoy Natural Scenery:Mountainous scenery / Alpine plant
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Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter

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The fascination of the four seasons in the highlands.

Mount Chausu is the highest peak in Aichi Prefecture, at 1,415 meters, and dominates a natural paradise on the border with Nagano Prefecture. The highlands stretch between Mount Chausu and Mount Hagitaro (1,358 meters) to the southwest, and are splendid with the beauty of the seasons: phlox in the spring, the rich green leaves of summer, autumn foliage, and the pristine snow. Some 400,000 phlox plants stretch over a 22,000-m2 site, covering even the flanks of Mount Hagitaro almost to the summit: said to be the highest phlox field in Japan. They bloom in six colors, including pink, white, sky blue, and lilac, from mid-May to early June.
In the summer a cool breeze blows from Mount Chausu, ideal for hiking. Enjoy the contrast between blue sky and the greenery for a leisurely day. In the fall, your hike is surrounded by brilliant autumn colors, accented by views of the mountains from the scenic outlooks and the bold reflections in the quiet pools. In Aichi Prefecture, the fall foliage comes here first.

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Play at the only ski resort in Aichi!

You can’t miss skiing at the Chausuyama highlands in the winter. The Chausuyama Kogen Ski Resort, the only one in Aichi Prefecture, is located here on Mount Hagitaro. It offers a special slope for sledding ? even for children ? with a popular moving sidewalk for easy access. The family slope has a gentle incline perfect for children and beginners. There are two courses for beginning and intermediate skiers, and one more for intermediate and advanced skiers. The lift takes you up to see all the grandeur of the Alps. Skiing is available only on weekends and holidays, perfect for practice, and as the only one in the prefecture it draws fans from throughout the region.
How about hiking in the snow for another winter activity? Enter a world of platinum beauty, crunching through the snow, and discover sights you can only hope to see in winter: rimed branches, and the snowy fields glittering in the sun.

Chausuyama Highlands


70-185 Goshodaira, Sakauba, Toyone-mura, Kitashitara-gun, Aichi Prefecture


8:30 am to 4:30 pm


Thursday (irregular closing)


Free of charge


Mount Chausu Plateau Association 0536-87-2345


By car from Tomei Expressway Nagoya IC, about 120 min

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