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Enjoy Natural Scenery:Mountainous scenery / Ropeway
Get Some Exercise:Mountain climbing / Skiing


Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter

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A mountain journey with spectacular vistas and rock formations.

Mount Gozaisho is a 1,212-meter high peak, located roughly in the middle of the Suzuka Mountains. There are five different vista points in Sanjo Park, where you can enjoy a variety of natural landscapes, including Fujimi-iwa Vista Point, from which on a clear day you can see Mount Fuji, and Lakeview Vista Point, which is a rock outcropping from which you can see Lake Biwa. Access to Sanjo Park is available via a ropeway that runs from Yunoyama Onsen Station at the foot of Mount Gozaisho, an elevation of 400 meters, to Sanjo Park Station at an elevation of 1,180 meters, near the summit of Mount Gozaisho. The temperature at the top of the ropeway is generally five to ten degrees lower than the temperature at Yunoyama Onsen Station.
Near the summit are any number of unusual rock formations, including the Jizo-iwa, which features a square boulder wedged tight between two larger pillar-shaped stones. This boulder is famous for “never falling,” which in the Japanese language can also mean “never failing a test,” so many students visit here before exams for good luck. Near Sanjo Park Station is a formation called Tensashi-iwa, a ten-meter-high, rectangular boulder that looks like a “finger pointing at the sky,” which is what its name means. Enjoy a stroll through Sanjo Park to see all the different rock formations.

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The flowers, the trees, and the changing seasons.

Mount Gozaisho is blessed with a natural abundance of flowers in spring, greenery in summer, foliage in fall, and snow in winter, so that watching the yearly passage through the seasons is a daily pleasure.
Of particular note are the fiveleaf azaleas that bloom here from late April to early May, and have a strong association with Mount Gozaisho. Fiveleaf azaleas are flowering shrubs in the genus rhododendron and blossom before their leaves sprout, making them particularly colorful in bloom with deep-pink, frilly petals, that are very popular. Also known as azalea pentaphyllum, they are found from halfway up to the summit of the mountain.
Another notable natural phenomenon in winter is the flower-like appearance of the frost covered trees. This happens when the trees are exposed to steam and wind at below freezing temperatures. The ice crystals form surprisingly beautiful shapes in creating a truly awe-inspiring landscape. Of course, in winter, the Gozaisho Ski Resort is in operation. It is the only ski resort in Mie, and in addition to its many ski slopes, suitable for everyone from children and beginners to expert skiers, there is also a lovely snow-shoe hiking course in the park.

Mount Gozaisho


Yunoyama Onsen, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie Prefecture


Aerial tramway
Ascent, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm ; final descent, 5:20 pm
(Dec. - Mar.: ascent: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm ; final descent, 4:20 pm)
Sightseeing Lift
Ascent, 9:30 am - 4:40 pm ; final descent, 5:00 pm
(Dec. - Mar.: ascent: 9:30 am - 3:40 pm; final descent, 4:00 pm)


Open daily (may be closed owing to weather conditions or scheduled inspection and maintenance)


Aerial tramway round trip: Adult, 2,160 yen; child (4 years old to elementary school student), 1,080 yen
Sightseeing Lift round trip: 600 yen




By Mie Kotsu Bus from Meitetsu Bus Center to Yunoyama Onsen, about 60 min., then walk about 10 min

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