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Follow the stone markers to the top of Mount Asama.

Mount Asama is a 555-meter high mountain peak that towers above the diverse natural landscape of Ise?Shima National Park. It is the highest mountain in the national park, and has long been known as one of the 100 Landscapes of Japan. The two-hour hike to the summit along a path called Asamatake-michi is a pleasant one even for inexperienced mountaineers. It is also part of the Kinki Nature Trail, and one of the paths used by pilgrims to reach a Buddhist temple near the summit. The entrance to Asamatake-michi in Friendship Park is indicated by the first of 22 stone markers that continue all the way to the summit at intervals of roughly 109 meters. Hikers who make their way along this narrow trail winding through the trees are guided by these stone markers as well as a number of Jizo statues that line the road. Midway up, at about the tenth stone marker, is an exhilaratingly panoramic vista of the city of Ise. The great variety of topographic features and scenery to be enjoyed as you make your way one marker at a time up the mountain trail will make the time to the top go by in a flash. Waiting at the summit is a stunning view of Ise Bay and the satisfaction of having made it all the way to one of Japan’s most scenic mountaintops.

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A pilgrimage to Ise Grand Shrine and Kongoshoji Temple.

Having reached the summit of Mount Asama, it is just a short walk to reach Kongoshoji Temple. A visit to this temple was considered an essential part of pilgrimages to Ise Grand Shrine, which were extremely popular during the Edo period. There was even a well known song about Ise, with a line that went, “If you go to Ise, you have to climb Asama / If you don’t, you’ve only done half the pilgrimage.” This tradition of seeing both the Ise Grand Shrine and Kongoshoji Temple in a single trip brought many visitors to the summit of Mount Asama.
The main hall of Kongoshoji Temple has a vermillion-lacquered exterior and an opulent interior of gold gilding. Outside the main hall is a statue of an “Ox of Good Fortune” with a figure of Daikoku, the God of Wealth, perched on his head, across from which sits a companion statue of a “Tiger of Wisdom.” Both statues have shiny spots on their foreheads, which visitors are encouraged to rub after making an offering to receive the blessings of good health and good fortune.
Also on the temple grounds is the Tsurema-no-ike, a lotus pond said to have been created by the founder of the Shingon school of Buddhism, Kobo-daishi. The best time to visit this pond is when the water lilies bloom, from June to September.
There is also Sanjo Park at the summit of Mount Asama, with a fabulous panorama of the surrounding countryside and even a footbath, where hikers can relax and luxuriate in the satisfaction of a mountain well climbed.

Mount Asama


Asama-cho, Ise, Mie Prefecture


Kongoshoji Temple Visitors can freely enter the Temple precincts(Main Hall: 9:00 am - 3:45 pm)


Open daily


Kongoshoji Temple Precincts free of charge


Ise City Tourism Promotion Office 0596-21-5566
Kongoshoji Temple 0596-22-1710


On foot from Kintetsu Asama Sta. to trailhead, about 10 min.
Kongoshoji Temple Ascent from Kintetsu Railway Line Asama Sta. via mountain trail, about 2 h, 30 min.

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