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A relaxing journey to five hot spring resorts surrounded by natural beauty.

Okuhida Hot Springs is the name of an area that is home to five popular onsen hot spring resorts ensconced in the heart of Japan's Northern Alps: Hirayu, Fukuji, Shin-Hirayu, Tochio, and Shin-Hotaka. Nestled in the foothills of the Northern Alps, Okuhida Hot Springs is a year-round destination for many who love bathing in outdoor hot springs surrounded by majestic natural beauty.
These resorts have long been a well kept secret, each with its own history and traditions, and Hirayu has a particularly rustic ambience, embellished by a long history that includes episodes of wild monkeys soothing old battle wounds and famous daimyo washing away the weariness of the dusty road in its waters. Fukuji is associated with the legend of the Heike-no-ochimusha?the story of Taira-clan samurai seeking refuge after their defeat at the hands of the rival Minamoto?and is also known by the moniker “Imperial Hot Springs” based on a legend that says the Emperor Murakami bathed incognito in its waters during the 10th century. Shin-hotaka is well known for an outdoor hot springs formed by large boulders on the river bank in an area where visitors can enjoy natural hot springs that gush forth from the river bed. And for those who love mountain resorts, there are plenty of hotels and lodges surrounded by forests of Japanese white birches.
Come to Okuhida to enjoy a diverse range of hot springs, each with its own history and character.

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Visit all five hot spring resorts and become an Okuhida Hot Springs Steam Expert.

For those who wish to enjoy the full variety available at Okuhida Hot Springs, we recommend purchasing an Okuhida Hot Springs Steam Expert ticket, which will entitle you to use any of 15 different participating facilities at five different hot springs resorts for a mere 1,200 yen. Each of these facilities offers a different type of bathing experience, from ordinary hot spring waters to sulfur waters and sodium bicarbonate waters, so you are sure to find one that will provide you with your ultimate hot spring experience.
In addition to overnight accommodations, Okuhida Hot Springs is a great place to enjoy a day trip to any one of a number of convenient footbaths. There is a lovely roofed footbath available near the bus terminal at Hirayu. It is a great place to take a relaxing break during a stroll. In Shin-Hotaka, there is a lovely outdoor footbath in an open space with a fantastic view of the Northern Alps on sunny days. In springtime, especially, the contrast of cherry blossoms with the snow-capped peaks and the sight of the volcanic Mount Yakedake make for a splendid view while you enjoying the luxury of a nice warm footbath.

Okuhida Hot Spring Village


Okuhida-Onsengo, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture


Varies according to facility


Varies according to facility


Varies according to facility


Okuhida Onsen Tourism Association 0578-89-2614


By Nohi Bus from JR Takayama Main Line Takayama Sta. to Hirayu Onsen, about 60 min

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