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Natural Scenery:Mountain and Valley
History:Shrines and Temples


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Cultural Experiences(Hiking) / Walk

Climb twin peaks: enjoy a low mountain ascent

In Shizuoka City, where some of the Southern Alps mountains rise to 3,000 meters, Mount Ryusozan is loved by local residents as a setting for family outings and as a mountain for novice climbers. Similar to other mountains considered sacred in the Minobu Highlands, since the dawn of history, it has been climbed as a sacred mountain. In Japanese the name means Dragonclaw Mountain. One account, from 1843, says that it is a claw that fell from a dragon’s toe. The southernmost of the twin peaks, Monjudake, rises 1,041 meters and, to the north, the elevation of Yakushidake is 1,051 meters. Travelling on the JR Tokaido Main Line, looking from the train window, it’s easy to see how gentle the slopes are.
There are several hiking courses, some of which are also used by people who worship on the mountain. On Yakushidake, one trail takes you up past a series of cascades and leads to hillside shrine Hozumi Jinja. Among the many sugi trees in the shrine precincts, two stout sugi are more than 500 years old. This pair is venerated as Meoto-sugi, husband and wife.

A relaxing day of natural vistas and natural spa bathing

The other peak, Monjudake is venerated as Monju-sama. At the summit, there is an open area around a first-order triangulation point. Here, you can really enjoy the panorama. As well as views of Mount Fuji and the Southern Alps, you can see Shizuoka City spreading out below and look out over Suruga Bay and beyond, even to the mountains of Izu. Many local people come here for this view.
At the foot of Monjudake, you may discover Hirayama Onsen. Located on the Nagao River it is known as a hideaway hot spring. This old resort, mellowed by time, is a great place to enjoy day bathing. Baths are graded very hot, hot, or warm. Take your pick: they all contain water that gushes from a simple sulfur hot spring. After a soak, you will emerge with satiny smooth skin. As you relax and listen to the trickling river and the sound of birds and you may feel, for a moment, that time has stopped.

Mount Ryusozan


Aoi-ku, Shizuoka, Shizuoka Prefecture


Shizuoka City Hall 8:30 am to 5:15 pm


Shizuoka City Hall Sat., Sun., nat. hols., and Dec. 29 to Jan. 1


Free of charge


Shizuoka Sightseeing and Interchange Culture Office, Sports Promotion Section 054-221-1071


By Justline Bus from Shizuoka Sta. to Sokusawa

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