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Natural Scenery:Pond and Lake
Dragon Legends and Traditions:The legend of the Dragon God and the Maiden


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Cultural Experiences(Japanese Houseboat) / Photograph

A large, beautiful fountain serves to accent the view from the hot spring.

The Ukimido Pavilion is built just off the shore of Shibayamagata Lake, which spreads out in front of Katayamazu Onsen. The pavilion is linked to the shore by a floating pier that extends from Yunomoto Park at the edge of the lake. The site is associated with a Katayamazu legend of the dragon god Ryujin and a maiden, and both Ryujin and the deity Benzaiten are enshrined in the pavilion. Popularly known as “Uki Uki Benten,” the Ukimido Pavilion is illuminated at night, along with a large fountain that rises 70 meters into the air, creating a mirage-like beauty. Shibayamagata Lake is a great spot for fishing and boating, and roofed sightseeing boats give visitors a close-up look at the fountain as it shoots spray dynamically in all directions.

Make and enjoy your own “gensen tofu” with the water from the famous hot spring!

Katayamazu Onsen is one of the famous hot springs collectively known as Kaga Onsen. The story is told that Toshiaki Maeda, the lord of the Daishoji domain, discovered a hot spring welling up from Shibayamagata Lake in the mid-17th century. A hot spring town was subsequently created by repeated rounds of land reclamation on the shores of the lake. The waters contain sodium, calcium, and other minerals and are said to keep you warm even after you leave the bath, making the hot spring especially pleasing to people who are easily chilled. You can also get hands-on experience making your own “gensen tofu,” which uses the water from the hot spring in place of the traditional nigari coagulant. Try your hand at making this simple but flavorful tofu.

The legend of the Dragon God and the Maiden

The legend of the Dragon God and the Maiden

It is said that once upon a time, Shibayamagata Lake was much larger than it is today. A giant serpent secretly dwelt in the lake, and time after time it would attack the villagers in the middle of the night. At their wit’s end, the villagers made devotions to O-Yakushi-sama, the Buddha of Healing. Shortly thereafter, a beautiful maiden collapsed, and the villagers earnestly attended to her care, but when night fell, she was nowhere to be seen. In the blink of an eye, the maiden had been transported to the shore of the lake, and the villagers thought, “In that place, she’ll be eaten by the serpent!” No sooner did they think that than the serpent suddenly emerged from the surface of the lake with its jaws agape. But instead of fleeing, the maiden began to play the biwa that she held in her hands. At the sound of the entrancing music, the serpent’s visage was beautifully transformed. The maiden called, “You have now been reborn as the dragon god Ryujin, and you will protect this village.” So saying, the maiden rose up to the heavens, and the serpent disappeared into the water, never to be seen again. The rumor spread among the villagers that the maiden must have been the incarnation of Benzaiten, brought to life by O-Yakushi-sama.

The Ukimido Pavilion


Shibayamagata Suimen-uchi, Katayamazu Onsen, Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture



Open daily


Free of charge


Katayamazu Onsen Tourism Association 0761-74-1123


Katayamazu Onsen By Kaga-onsen Bus from JR Kaga-onsen Sta. to Katayama-onsen Soyu-mae, about 10 min

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